Germany’s sausage-themed bed and breakfast: Celebration of favourite food

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Bratwurst themed hotel
Sausage-themed room at Boebel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast. Picture from Claus Boebel’s Facebook profile.

Berlin (TAN): If you have a thing for sausages and quirky décor, the perfect place awaits you in a German village. Located in Rittersbach near the Bavarian town of Nuremberg, Boebel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast could be the world’s first sausage-themed hotel.

The seven-room accommodation, decorated with sausage wallpapers and bratwurst-shaped cushions, happens to be the brainchild of 48-year old Boebel. A fourth-generation butcher, Boebel also runs his family’s butcher shop along with the bed and breakfast.

Celebration of favourite food

Boebel admitted to bratwurst being his favourite German dish. “I like to travel around the world – and when I travel around the world, I like different foods, food culture. And I thought: ‘Why only abroad?’ I made a place where people meet in Bavaria in my home and eat typical food and connect together,” CNN Travel quoted him as saying.

He said he designed this hotel because he likes “a special experience, a nice design-themed hotel”.

He opened the accommodation in September 2018, and has already had travellers from all over the world visiting him. “In the first four months, I have people from China, Japan, Nigeria, France, Italy, Sweden [and] Spain,” he said.

Bratwurst galore

The bed and breakfast is not just about sausage décor; it offers various versions of bratwurst as well. In fact, visitors can sample Boebel’s specialty sausages and opt for cooking classes at the on-site restaurant which Boebel calls ‘Wurst-arant’.

Bratwurst, bed and breakfast
Bratwurst – Boebel’s favourite German dish. Picture from Claus Boebel’s Facebook profile.

He claims to serve only bratwurst at the restaurant in different ways. “I serve not steaks with onions – I serve bratwurst with onions. I serve not the German schnitzel, I serve bratwurst schnitzel. I serve many different styles of bratwurst with chili, with horseradish, or with chocolate or coffee inside,” Boebel said.

Thinking local

Unperturbed by vegetarianism, Boebel is all for quality. “I have no problems at all the people eat less meat, if they buy it in local butcher shops and not in large supermarkets,” he added.

Boebel, happy with his business model, does not look for expansion. “I want to be the owner who talks with his guests and not only just the operator who want to earn money,” he signed off.

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